• Lunch at the Sage

    Our final stop has been a lunch break at the Sage. We were really lucky that we got an inside tour of the beautiful building.

  • Grace Darling Museum

    Our final stop of the week has been to the Grace Darling museum. We have had a fabulous week but we’re all tired and ready for home. See you soon

  • It’s not every day you have cake for breakfast!

    Happy birthday Riley

  • The last supper (sorry I mean breakfast 😂)

    We are just tucking into our last cooked breakfast. They’ve been warned not to expect this luxury tomorrow 😂

  • Reflecting

    Tonight we have reflected on our week and scaled ourselves for how the week has made us feel. You’ll be pleased to know we had lots of 5’s including from children who initially didn’t want to come. Children shared their favourite moments with the boat trip winning hands down. We’re now off to bed ready […]

  • Our last full day in Northumberland.

    It’s been a busy day again today with rock pooling, boat trips and card games. Lots of tired children tonight who are excited to be reunited tomorrow

About the trip:

We are thrilled to be able to share with you the Year 6 residential to Northumberland – one of the most exciting residential visits that happens to fall within the final year of GPS.

Follow our journey below:

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